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She can have it all

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Beschreibung: American hottie Samantha Rone sneaks in through her European lover Max Dior's patio doors. Wearing just a robe and sheer panties, she is like a dream come true when Max wakes up to see her. She drops her robe to the ground and then joins her boyfriend in bed, crawling on top of him so he can squeeze and suckle her breasts while she strokes his hard dick. When Samantha finally works Max's cock out of his briefs, she strokes her prize before adjusting her position downward. As soon as her mouth is in the proper place, she takes the head of Max's dick between her lips and starts sucking. She uses her hand to keep his fuck stick steady as she licks up and down its length and then sucks his balls, too. Turning around so that her legs are spread on top of Max's chest, Samantha ditches her panties and then moans in delight when Max lifts his neck to start feasting on her creamy twat. He pulls her down so that her pussy is planted firmly in his face, creating a 69 that lets them both enjoy each other's assets. This position also makes it easy for Samantha to swing around and impale herself on Max's dick for a stiffie ride. Once she's fully impaled, Samantha winds her fingers through Max's as she enjoys a slow intimate dance. Their motions speed up a bit as Samantha grows closer to climaxing. When Max turns her around on her knees with her hands gripping the headboard for balance, he's able to give her the harder pussy pounding she needs to fly over the edge and enjoy a big climax. Boneless with pleasure, Samantha falls onto the bed and curls up with Max when he spoons behind her. He slides back into her, using his fuck stick to bring her to another pinnacle of pleasure. Finally satisfied, Samantha drops to her knees and uses both hands and her warm wet mouth to bring Max off in a shot of cum that covers her face and breasts with his love.
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Models: Kingstong, Jamaica Samantha Rone