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Beschreibung: European delight Katarina Hartlova is wearing a fancy evening gown with no bra to constrain her huge all naturals as she waits for her husband David. When he arrives, she gives him a big kiss that makes it clear she's okay with staying in. David is happy to oblige, and within moments his hands are all over Katarina's giant knockers. She pulls them out of her dress's bodice to give him easier access, then reassembles herself while dragging David inside. When they reach the bedroom, Katarina rewards David for following her lead by pulling her breasts back out. She pinches the nipples and jiggles them around, giving him a hell of a show. When David leans forward to fasten his mouth over one hard tip and then the other, Katarina lays back and lets him work. Then she massages her own boobies as David relieves her of her gown, pulls her thong aside, and starts sucking her clit. When he dives in with his fingers, Katarina nearly burns up on the spot. Sliding down David's body, Katarina turns the tables on him by slipping her hot mouth over the head of his cock. She sucks him off while caressing and squeezing her own breasts for a bit. Then she presses her boobs together for a titty fuck. Finding him hard and ready, she swings her thigh over David's hip and slides down onto his fuck stick until she is filled to the brim. Katarina's stiffie ride is fast and furious as her big boobs jiggle for David's delight. Then she gets on her hands and knees so her breasts hang as David pounds her from behind. Falling onto her side with David spooning behind her, Katarina lifts one leg so David can slam into her as hard and deep as possible to bring her to climax. Totally satisfied, Katarina puts her mouth back to work once again. As David gets closer to cumming, she keeps sucking until he fills her mouth with jizz. Backing off, she lets her husband's cumshot dribble out so that it covers her breasts and leaves her covered in sticky delight.
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