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A hardcore stretch

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Aufrufe: 964
Beschreibung: Busty brown-eyed Marilyn Mansion was doing yoga and she hurt her back… or maybe she's just milking it so her dad will pay for hunky physiotherapist Bruno Dickens to come over and give her a massage. Bruno stretches out this bosomy blonde, then she complains that her tits are hurting too. Bruno makes sure to show those titties some love, then he bends Marilyn over and she arches her back so Bruno can oil up her ass. He strips Marilyn down to her g-string thong to give her twat some TLC, and when Marilyn is back to feeling like herself, she does what she does best: massaging Bruno's dick with her lips and tongue! After the blowjob, Bruno gives Marilyn a doggystyle fucking to sort out all her kinks. And Marilyn gets just the medicine she needs when Bruno dumps a few tablespoons of sperm on her skin!
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